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Total Body Plus Dryer

Is Very Difficult to dry well a Bedridden Patient He mostly remains wet in the folds and intimate zones. It may aggravate the bedsores poblems. With the new top technology today becomes easy and practical to dry the bedridden. An internal computer with a due software manages the very poweful motor and the air temperature to optimally dry the patient. No part will remains damp even the smaller. Totally adjustable: motor speed and air temperature. It aims to dry both the hair and the body and to be addattable at each driyng phase
The wet body has a different perception of the external temperature. When dry the wet skin is good to utilize higher temperature otherwise the patient will feel cool. As the skin dryes you should lower the temperature because the feeling changes. Our patented F.H. system at "Flashed Heat" makes more rapid and pleasurable each drying phase. You can adjust as you want the speed and the warm  to be suitable to each part of the body. A pleasant hot air jet allows, in addition to the hair, to dry even parts difficult to reach. In bedridden patients, in addition to cleaning, it is important preventing the accumulation of moisture in the folds of the skin, which is quite complex in those kind of patients with mobility difficulties, atrophy, paralysis or obesity.
THE POWER NEVER BEEN SO GENTLE Immagination and engineering are jointed to have the top performances with the enviroment respect. We wanted realize the perfect dryer: gentle but rapid to dry. Ideal to each part of the body. This dryer has the heater element inside of handle shell. This IMPORTANT feature makes the drying pleasant beause the temperatureat exit  may highest. At the beginning ot the drying ig good to have a warmest temperature to avoid to feel cool. It is also ideal to dry the hair. The warm is necessay for a pleasant drying... Also the model with the heating element inside of the handle respects the safety standards. its internal software gives the perfect control of the power and of the temperature. It can be adjusted as preferred: air exit form 65km/h to more than 200km/h (traditional dryer 70km/h) Temperature form 40 to 165 Celsius degrees.(traditional dryer 165 degree) Normal using power for 1300 to 2000 watt available power from 300 to 3250 watt
Safe in class 2 (double electrical insultion) Completely in plastic material as required by law even if a wire inside comes off it does not convey any shock to the user Heating element inside a double  plastic shell , warm resistant. It' s far positioned for the exit with a non metallic protective grid.
The only one with double cooling system with a best aerodymanic"egg" shape for more motor efficiency and life. The only really eco-friendly one with microchip to optimize the electrical consumption and to reduce the co2 emissions. With soft-start-system which elimimates the peacks of consumptions ate the start. Suitable to dry also the most delivates parts of the body it doesn't produce the dangerous electromagnetic waves as the traditional dryers